Refund and Cancellation Policy

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REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY Last Updated 23rd October, 2010

Definition of terms for this agreement:

1) The Service.

All processes and data relating to the use of the system through a Customer Account.

2) The User.

Any persons or processes having access to the Customer Account and The Service established for The Customer on the system.

3) The Customer.

The person or organisation agreeing to these terms and conditions. The Customer is responsible for the use of The Service provided through the Customer Account. The Customer has full responsibility for The User regarding access and use of the Customer Account. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that The Customer Account and The Service is not misused by The User.

4) The Customer Account.

The information and processes relating to The Customer with regard to use of The Service.

Termination/Cancellation of The Service by The Customer

A) The Customer may cancel their Customer Account at any time. If a cancellation is requested during the first fifteen days of activating a subscription The Customer will be refunded their payment in full.

For example:

If you decide to subscribe to and cancel within fifteen days of the subscription date any fees paid will be refunded in full.

B) If after the first fifteen days of service a Customer wishes to cancel their Customer Account, then DLB Solutions Ltd will not refund any prepaid fees. In order to cancel The Service, The Customer must contact DLB Solutions Ltd by phone +1 778 340 3489 or by . The Customer will receive a cancellation confirmation via email after DLB Solutions Ltd has processed the cancellation request. DLB Solutions Ltd reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred before The Customer cancels The Customer Account in addition to any applicable cancellation fee(s).

The Customer must provide the following information to DLB Solutions Ltd in order to process the cancellation:
  1. 1) The exact name of the Service that Customer would like to cancel
  2. 2) The Customer Account username and password
  3. 3) The Customer's email address

Termination/Cancellation of The Service by DLB Solutions Ltd

A) DLB Solutions Ltd reserve the right to immediately terminate any Customer Account and remove any associated web site(s) on the The Service at any time and without notice if it is deemed to pose a threat to our business reputation or system security. This includes, but is not limited to the detection of invasive and/or unsolicited software on the system. The User is prohibited from posting or transmitting a file that contains viruses or any other destructive, invasive or contaminating features. Any Customer Account that causes the DLB Solutions Ltd systems to be compromised in any way will be terminated without a refund.

B) DLB Solutions Ltd reserve the right to terminate any Customer Account at any time and without notice, where DLB Solutions Ltd deem that The User has made inappropriate or unreasonable use of The Service. The term "inappropriate or unreasonable" includes but is not limited to; providing copyrighted materials without authorization, infringement of trademarks or service marks, confidential proprietary information, providing obscene or offensive materials (as deemed by and at the sole discretion of DLB Solutions Ltd), providing materials whose nature and/or volume compromises the ability of DLB Solutions Ltd to accommodate other users' web presence, and materials that violate the commonly accepted etiquette of the Internet or providing materials that are deemed by the government authorities as inappropriate or illegal. Any such government determinations will be binding on The Customer, and not on DLB Solutions Ltd.

C) DLB Solutions Ltd reserve the right to suspend any Customer Account if the content provided through The Service is considered to be offensive, abusive, defamatory, libelous or that discloses private or personal matters concerning any individual. DLB Solutions Ltd reserve the right to monitor the content of any web site on the The Service and to require that The Customer removes content which DLB Solutions Ltd consider to be unacceptable. DLB Solutions Ltd reserve the right to report any illegal activities to regulatory, administrative and/or governmental authorities for appropriate action.